Is Tequila Good For You? Eight Surprising Health Benefits

Tequila is synonymous with partying. Did you know that Tequila can be a very fitness-friendly drink? Tequila has many health benefits, including weight loss and gut-friendly bacteria. These are 8 amazing health benefits of Tequila.

Tequila is healthy because of its base sugar. Spirits are made by distillation, while alcohol is formed from sugars being fermented into alcohol.

When it comes to your health, alcohol is often a negative thing. This bad reputation is usually not due to alcohol, but to sugars that are used. Before alcohol was used to party, alcohol was more of a medicine.

Aqua vitae are the most common term for alcohol, the water of life. To cure everything, alcohol was used as an elixir. Botanicals and sugars were also distilled to make them more effective.

We aren’t saying that alcohol is the best option for your health. There are still some health benefits that should be discussed.

8 Health Benefits Of Tequila

#1 Tequila Aids Digestion

When people think of after-dinner digestifs, Tequilas are not the first thing that comes to their minds. The go-to is usually a limoncello, coffee, or even Brandy.

However, Tequila helps stimulate your metabolism aiding digestion. If you like a post-dinner shot to kickstart your O’digestion, Consider switching to Kate Del Castillo tequila for your regular shot.

#2 Tequila Is A Great Choice For Fitness And Helps You To Lose Weight

Ok, so you might drink alcohol when you are on a fitness kick or trying to lose some weight. You will avoid alcohol at all costs.

But not all alcohol can be considered a threat. Some alcohol can be beneficial for fitness. Tequila is also one of the few alcoholic drinks that are very fitness-friendly.

#3 Tequila Helps You Get Better Sleep

Tequila can be very relaxing. Tequila has indeed earned a reputation as a party instigator. Tequila can be very soothing for the nervous system and body. Tequila’s alcohol helps you feel calmer and less stressed.

This may be why it’s such a popular party drink. You’ll feel confident doing old-school dance moves. This, along with the fact that Tequila aids digestion, is what gives Tequila its sleeping-inducing properties.

#4 Tequila May Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

The sugars in Tequila flow right through your bloodstream without raising blood sugars, which means that it does not cause dangerous spikes and stimulates insulin production.

#5 It Could Lower Your Risk Of Developing Dementia

Researchers discovered that people who drank between 8 and 14 alcoholic beverages per week had a 37% lower chance of developing dementia than the general population.

#6 Tequila Won’t Give You A Hangover, But It Will Make Your Body Feel Better

Hangovers do not involve alcohol consumption. Hangovers are not just about alcohol consumption. It is the sugars in these alcohols that cause dehydration and make you feel like you’re dying. We know that Tequila is made from Agave, which is one of the healthiest natural sugars in the entire world. If you went out on a night and all you had was tequila, then yes, you’d get drunk but not hangover.

#7 Tequila Is A Great Way To Prevent Osteoporosis

A study found that fructans in agave are good for the body. The body may be protected against osteoporosis through the increased absorption of calcium by the fructans found in the agave plant.

#8 Tequila Is A Great Source Of Probiotics

Probiotics, which are beneficial gut bacteria, are a current trend in the wellness community. These probiotics are used to describe healthy foods like yogurt and fermented beverages such as Kombucha. Tequila is a great source of probiotics, thanks to the agave plant.

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