Winter Wedding? Here Are 7 Ways To Make Your Winter Wedding Dress Look As White As Snow

Winter wedding season is here and it presents many challenges to our brides and their carefully chosen dresses.

Before the big day

Be prepared

Winter weddings might conjure up images of white snow-covered venues and cozy spaces. Your dress should be prepared for any weather conditions, including rain, hail, and sleet. Nobody wants to see their carefully chosen dress get ruined by rain, hail, or sleet.

You can avoid this fate by lightly spraying a hydrophobic barrier on your shoes and the hems of your dress ahead of time. These sprays repel liquids, and you can find a variety of options on the market that are suitable for shoes and clothes.

Choose a long veil

A long veil is a great choice for your big day. They look elegant and protect you from light rain. Also, they dry faster than most dresses. You can also remove the veil if the weather is bad.

Protect them

Our active brides may find that dancing in long dresses can cause a dirty hem and train. A detachable, underskirt can be purchased that fits under the actual hem to prevent your beautiful dress from becoming an ombre two-toned number. The underskirt will pick up all the dancefloor debris and not your dress. If you don’t have the skills to alter the skirt, your seamstress can help you lift the hem from the ground and keep it safe.

The big day

Your bridal team can be put to good use

Your girl group should be there to help you. Sometimes you will need to dodge puddles, so make sure someone is with you when you go outside to help lift your dress. For any unexpected winds, arm your bridal team with spare scarfs and jackets that will protect your hair and veil.

Prevent long-lasting stains

Winter weddings are often characterized by richer and more luxurious foods and beverages. This can lead to more stains on your outfit, even though it is undeniably delicious. Remember to quickly dry the stain immediately with fabric solvent. This is where your bridesmaids and their clutch bags come into play! Use a soft cloth to gently rub the stain.

Don’t allow the soup or red wine stains to remain on your honeymoon. After the big day, dry clean your dress as soon after it is possible. On-demand laundry services are available that will collect your dress from the venue or hotel the morning after the wedding. This ensures that those stains don’t become permanent.

After the big day

It’s best to leave it to the pros

Although you may believe that your dress is clean and unaffected, there’s a good chance that it has hidden stains. While champagne and white wine spillages may appear clean for a while but the sugars in these drinks can caramelize, darken, and eventually ruin your dress. Even dry cleaners will not be able to remove these stains. Make sure you clean your entire dress immediately after the wedding.

Keep the color, whether it is ivory or white.

It’s the age-old question: Should you choose a snow white ball gown? No matter what color you choose, if your dress isn’t stored properly, it will soon turn yellow! Make sure to invest in wedding dress storage to avoid this fate. To place between the folds, purchase acid-free storage boxes and acid-free tissue paper. Do not store your items in an attic, where dampness could take hold. Instead, keep them in a dry, ventilated area.

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