Anti-Reflective Lenses For Vision Sharpness – Working And Benefits

Glare or bright dazzling light affects everyone many times in a day. It makes it hard to see around clearly and is also damaging to the eyes. Glare is excessive brightness caused by reflected or direct light. When sunlight rebounds from a reflective surface like snow and water it causes brightness or shimmer that shadows the view. Computer, tablet, and phone screens are lit by LEDs that can also cause glare. 

Glare can cause multiple issues like –

  • Digital eye strain
  • Headaches
  • Poor vision during night time [low light settings]
  • Others cannot see your eyes
  • Halos around bright lights.

Standard plastic lenses reflect 80% light, while high-index lenses reflect 12% of the light reaching your glasses. On the other hand, anti-glare lenses allow 99.5% of available light to reach the eyes and eliminate glare. 

What is the anti-reflective lens and how do they work?

Anti-reflective lenses are coated with a thin layer of AR [anti-reflective] coating. The thin film of AR coating is applied on the lens, which eliminates the reflection which you normally see from the glass surface. It helps to lessen the halos and glare around light sources, you can experience during nighttime. 

On Banton Framework, you can check the anti glare glasses collection treated with a special hydrophobic coating that seals anti-reflective layers. The lenses even repel to water, which means droplets of water are stopped from forming making the glasses easy to clean. As soon as the reflection is eliminated from the lens, more light can pass through and enhance vision sharpness. 

Benefits of anti-reflective glasses

  • Removal of reflection and glare offers a clear and sharp vision.
  • There is less need to strain your eyes to see, so the effects of strain on the eyes are decreased.
  • Your eyes get protection from the harmful UV rays. You can enhance this property by buying polarized or photochromatic anti-reflective glasses. 
  • Digital devices like phones, TV, laptops, and tablets emit harmful blue light. The anti-glare coating helps to lessen blue light exposure and reduce eyestrain as well as enhance sleep patterns. 
  • The level of discomfort experienced while sitting before the computer screen daily is reduced and you become more creative and work long at the computer. 
  • Anti-glare glasses make clicking photos easy without reflections showing on your glasses and you can capture the ideal short instantly or the very first time.
  • Anti-glare film on the glasses makes your eyes noticeable without light reflection. Eye contact is necessary in professional and social situations at times and with an anti-reflective lens, it is achievable.
  • 99.5% of available light reaches your eyes via the anti-glare lenses, thus reducing distraction from glare and sharpening the vision. 
  • Better outdoor sports performance because skiing, fishing, snowboarding, kayaking, etc. take place in bright settings with lots of glare. The anti-reflective sunglasses reduce the glare and offer a clear vision field.

You can add an anti-glare coating after purchasing the lens as long as there are no scratches and it is not exposed to skin oil. Nevertheless, getting anti-glare coating applied later is expensive. The anti-reflective glasses are expensive but their benefits outweigh the cost. 

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